Christmas Planning – 24 November 2010

Ho ho ho! Yep, it’s the 24th of November which means it’s exactly one month to Christmas, yeehaw! And I’m not the only one who’s looking forward to the Big Day – see these little chaps, who are looking after the freshly chopped Xmas trees being sold down the road from us…

I’ve moved into fifth gear with the Christmas prep this past week. Our photo upload cards came in the post – as did the stamps which I ordered online from the post office – and DD8 has been (very) happily sticking on charity stickers and adress labels.

I’ve spent the last few nights writing messages on the cards, a glass of festive cheer in hand. And – to complete the ‘picture perfect’ ambiance – snow fell heavily last night! (Not so much fun when you have to shovel snow from the paths…today I picked up 50 kilos of salt – which should see us through the next few weeks, me hopes.) But very pretty and bright it is! 🙂

All the presents for family, friends and teachers are basically bought and wrapped, barring a couple of gift vouchers I will order online. So today I got my reward ;D  Back in September I read that Origins were offering facials in my local department store, on specific dates in September, October, November and December. (I tried it in January of this year – you get a whole hour’s worth of pampering for ‘free’ if you purchase a couple of skincare items.) So I booked a slot for November – with the aim to finish the Christmas shopping by that date. And I have – go me!

The facial was fantastic – very relaxing – and I got my hair cut yesterday, so I’m feeling ready for all the parties and school functions coming up in the next few weeks. I also did the family a favour – I chose a lovely giftbox of Origins products (their Ginger bath range) – as a present from them to me. (Just like the Flylady suggests.) So even Mum is assured of a nice present underneath the tree. All they have to do now is wrap it… ;D

How are you getting on with your Christmas prep? Need a hand – go check out the Flylady’s wonderful Christmas planning section.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Christmas Planning – 24 November 2010”

  1. That's a LOT of salt… just converted it to pounds.

    You've covered all the bases! 🙂 I like Origins too!

  2. Hi JoAnna!

    Do Origins offer facials at your end too? I'm not really into beauty parlour treatments but, as this was 'free', I couldn't say No! ;D

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