Ho, ho, ho! Christmas planning? 28 September 2010

Do you remember that four Tuesdays ago I wrote a postabout planning for Christmas….where does the time go?!

I thought I had better bring you up-to-date with my plans. At first I thought, “Jings, crivens, I haven’t done anything!”. But – after checking my trusty FlyladyHoliday Control Journal (which you can download for free here) – I’m actually doing rather well 🙂

First of all, I’ve been through last year’s gift list. There were a few people to delete and a few to add. Looked at what I bought last year and most will be getting similar gifts this year. For example, we always give my Dad and my brother a beer ‘advent calendar’. Skål! (Cheers!)

Close family get a recent photo of the kids, so as soon as the school photos are ready (within the next couple of weeks), I’ll put them into (cheap) Ikea frames and get the kids to wrap them. If the school photos are good, I might scan them and use them for our Christmas cards. So I’ve started looking for the best deals online. I often order from the UK because, even with shipping, they still work out cheaper than getting them printed in Denmark.

I try (as the Flylady suggests) to think in terms of ‘clutter free’ gifts. So we give quite a few biscuits/chocolates/homemade gift baskets. The teenagers in the family always get gift vouchers for a department store or for music/books. And I’ve even started a ‘wish list’ for myself – because I’m the hardest person to buy for.. ;D

On the home front, I’ve been adding a few jars/tins/small boxes of chocolates/bottles of booze to our online grocery order each week. So the pantry is filling up!

Flylady will be starting the official run-up to Christmas on 18 October. Are you going to join us? Sign up with the Linky below! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ho, ho, ho! Christmas planning? 28 September 2010”

  1. I'm not really 'doing' Xmas this year due to financial diffs, but i will sign up and get my house ready with you


  2. Lesley: we shall clean and organise rock n' roll styleee!

    Candace: we normally bake our cake during the school's autumn holiday week (week 42), so maybe the weekend of 23/24 October?

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