Menu planning – Wednesday 7 September 2010

Okay, I completely forgot to go back and check my own blog archive for inspiration on menu planning – duh! ;D

But this week’s menu sort of wrote itself because one evening we’re going out, one evening I’m (yet again…) off to a meeting at school (kids are fending for themselves) and DH is away on business a couple of nights (more ‘prepared-by-kids-friendly’ food). Did I mention that the weather here in Copenhagen is now decidedly chilly? Last time we ate breakfast on the deck was over a month ago…eek!

Anyway, here’s what’s on the table at Casa Copenhagen the next seven (autumnal) days…

  *  Minced pork and peanut noodles (new recipe we’re trying from my little BBC ‘One Pot’ book

  *  madder (Danish open sandwhiches…liverpâté, homemade egg mayonnaise, dried fig), the kids can safely prepare these on their own while I’m out


  *  Chicken fillets, will cut a pocket on top, put in a blob of goats cheese and top with sliced tomatoes and bake in oven. Baked potatoes or potato wedges on the side.

  *  Chef’s Surprise…wholemeal pasta with any meaty leftovers and ‘clean out the fridge’ veggies ;D

  *  Glazed pork chops (trying Krista’s recipe) with bulgurwheat/rice cooked in my ricecooker and carrots(steamed on top of the rice)

  *  Ham and red pepper tortilla wraps, heated in the oven, veggie sticks on the side (DS10 doing this one)

Bon appétit! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂