Feel Good Friday – Summertime!

I’m now looking for places to work in the garden where it’s shady – as opposed to full sun. Which means that summertime has finally made it to Denmark! 😉

Getting ready for school in the morning seems so much easier…only sandals, shorts and a t-shirt. Though socks and a cardigan/hoodie are in the schoolbags too, because the weather here can change quicker than you can (attempt to) say rødgrød med fløde.

I did my weekly stint of ‘lawnmothering’ yesterday (I think the lawn is the Flylady ‘shiny sink’ of the garden) and this morning I put a cherry on top of the cake by trimming all the borders and zapping weeds on the paths. So I’m looking forward to just relaxing this weekend and watching the fruits of my labours…

According to the weather forecast, it’s going to be a great weekend. Good job, because it’s Father’s Day and Danish Constitution Day tomorrow, Saturday (when, once again, the shops will be closed). The kids will be running around in the garden for hours so it’s finally time to get the paddling pool up and running 🙂

It’s already taken 40 minutes (and still counting) to fill it. I’m hoping the water will have warmed up slightly before the kids get home from school. So far the temperatures are:

Air: 21c – 70f

Water: knee-knocking chilly

And the final verdict when the kids got home today? “Yeah! Thanks Mum!”

Have a fantastic feel-good Friday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday – Summertime!”

  1. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! I was going to reply on there, but the comments are not showing up anymore – not found a way to fix it yet, but hopefully my brother will help me when I go to England next week, God Willing! :o) Your paddling pool (and your garden edges!) looks ace, well done! – don't forget the suncream! :o)

  2. We're using plenty of suncream (kids are supposed to have a bottle in their schoolbags).

    I might dip my toes in the paddling pool…you know, gearing up for 'winter bathing'! ;D

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