Menu plan – 13 January 2010

Here’s what we’re eating – and have been eating – this week:

What’s this? See end of this post!

* Marinated lamb steaks roasted in the oven, rösti potato cakes from the freezer and sugar snap peas.

* Crockpot lasagne – recipe fromKrista’s blog

* ‘Build your own burger’ (burgers, condiments, lettuce leaves, tomato, fried onions, slices of cheese and lots and lots of lovely crispy bacon, mmm!). A handful of crisps and veggie sticks on the side.

* Leftover lasagne with salad and rolls

* Beef Pasta Satay from the Saving Dinner cookbook, with some courgette added

* Svensk Pølsegryde or Swedish Sausage Stew, if you’re not quite au fait with the Danish language… ;D (My recipe for that is righthere.)

* Going out with friends to celebrate DH’s birthday – yaaaay! Dinner at an Indian restaurant then a satire show. Nice! 😀

And – just for fun – here’s a picture of the birthday cake we made for DS11 to take to school tomorrow. Chocolate cake topped with Maltesers and Mini Snowballs. Fenced in with Chocolate Fingers…mmm! Just a shame I won’t get to taste it myself! 😛

Bon appétit and happy ‘Little Friday’! 🙂