Scaredy Cat Challenge – 21 February 2010 (Get on Yer Bike! 2)

Another week has passed. And still no success with the bike challenge… I’ve got good excuses – family has been here, I’ve been ill with a bad cold. But, once again, the killer has been the weather. Snow, snow and more snow. And ice 🙁 Oh well, at least the back garden looks pretty!

So I’m putting the Bike Challenge on hold (until the Great Danish Thaw) and moving onwards and upwards. And a bit further. I’m going to raise the bar on my weekly runs. I run with my sweet friends – V and H – three times a week. Rain, snow or shine. We normally always take the same paths through the park and it works out at roughly between 2.5 and 3.5k.

V and I are running a 10k race this summer (we did a 5k last year), so we need to push ourselves a bit further with our training. Which is scary. But exciting. And I know we can do it. Just have to believe we can! 😉

So this week’s challenge is to run the extra mile, if you excuse the pun 🙂

Candace is also participating in the Scaredy Cat Challenge. Go see what she’s up to! And if you want to join in the fun, we can hold hands and be scared together! Just add your blog below… 🙂

Have a simply super snowy Sunday! 🙂