ONE WEEK decluttering ONE item! Minimalist Flylady, Hygge Home

Happy Sunday from wonderful Copenhagen! I hope you are having a fantastic day, enjoying your clean, cozy, clutter-free home! Today’s YouTube video…a round-up of the final week of our One-a-Day-Method declutter challenge. This was really fun for me to watch because, as a post-menopausal 55 year old woman, I had completely forgotten most of these items! Ha ha! How about you? Go find one thing to declutter and let me know what it is in the video comments. I will be cheering you on with my pom poms – rah, rah, rah! Are you subscribed to my YouTube channel? Do it right now by clicking HERE, so you don’t miss my latest videos with inspiration and motivation! And remember to join me on my Facebook page for daily updates!

Decluttering Motivation with Diane in Denmark

I’ll be back tomorrow, Monday, with a fresh new video. Here’s the Weekly Plan sheet I’m using to keep me on track with what I need to get done. Right-click with your mouse to save the image to your computer/print. The link to the CANVA TEMPLATE is here, if you would like to edit it to your own needs. Want more of my FREE printables? You can find them all here on my website!

Need a run through of the Flylady system? See my Flylady Refresher Course playlist

Flylady Refresher Course

Have a wonderful day!

LLAP! Hugs!