Day Five – Family from (Denmark and) Scotland

DH’s (Danish) sister and brother-in-law came for lunch today – 25 December – for the traditional Danish Christmas lunch of smørrebrød, beer and snaps.

We started off with pickled herring topped with egg/mayo. And beer. And Krone snaps.

Fresh prawns. And beer. And 2009 Christmas snaps.

Then we removed the small plates because they are only for fish dishes. Then it was on to homemade hot liver pâté with mushrooms and bacon. And different beer. And Linie snaps. Which has been sailed to the Equator and back. Apparently.

Homemade rolled pork made by my Danish sister-in-law with ‘Italian’ salad. And more beer. And Porse snaps.

Sausage with red cabbage. Forgot to take the before picture. Sorry. Hic.

Sylte and mustard. You don’t want to know what’s in this meat/jelly loaf…believe me! Something to do with an animal’s head… 😉

Do you know the song “Ten Green bottles”? How about over thirty? And still counting…

After about three hours of lunch, we went for walk in the rain (and by this time it was pitch dark outside) to get a bit of exercise before our next Christmas tradition…pakkeleg. The Parcel Game. Put some parcels in the middle of the table (we used about 25 parcels for the 10 of us).

Take it in turns to throw two dice. If you throw a six, you choose a parcel from the middle. Two sixes mean you can take two parcels. Once all the parcels in the middle have been distributed, the fun begins! 😉 Set a timer for about 10-15 minutes and hide it somewhere. Keep taking turns to throw the dice. If you throw a six, you’re allowed to ‘steal’ a parcel from someone else. Enjoy the excitement as the parcels go backwards and forwards and around the table 🙂 And beware. Because sometimes the parcel that looks the most interesting/biggest/with the fanciest wrapping can turn out to be a pair of washing up gloves! 😉 When the timer goes off, you get to keep the parcels in front of you. Our parcels this year contained: small books, dressing up hats, scented candles, Christmas decorations, small toys, novelty toilet paper, stickers and keyrings.

Then it was time for Ris à l’amande (dessert) and today it was my Scottish niece who found the almond in her portion and won the prize! 🙂

Then it was time to put the kids to bed, refill our glasses, break out the crisps and chocolates and watch the Da Vinci code on TV. (Pretty rubbish, but okay when everyone is tired.) Danish sister-in-law and brother-in-law are sleeping here tonight, so it feels very cosy to have 10 of us in the house. Happy families!

And I even managed two (count ’em) loads of washing today. Thank you Flylady! Nite! 🙂