Day Six – Family from Scotland

26 December 2009

My Danish sister and brother-in-law left to drive back home to Jutland after breakfast, so it was just the eight of us today 🙂

DH, my Mum, Dad and brother wanted to watch Premier League football on the telly – a Christmas Boxing Day tradition in the UK. So I took DD7, DS9 and my Scottish niece out for the afternoon to Copenhagen’s Experimentarium (a science museum/playground).

Feel the wind in your hair – hurricane force 🙂

How about a nice little siesta on a bed of nails?

DD7 was chosen to help out with one of the demonstrations…launching a mini hot air balloon inside the museum building.

Up, up and away!

My niece’s turn to steer….

We were pretty tired when we got home (at the end of our 3 hour visit) so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself that dinner was Forloren Hare (Danish Mock Hare) which I had prepared a couple of weeks ago and frozen. I had taken it out of the freezer last night, so all I had to do was cook it in the oven. My recipe for it is here. Clean plates all round! 😉

Then we all settled down for a couple of films and some Ben n’ Jerry’s icecream 🙂 One of the films was a DVD I had given to Mum as a Christmas present…”Plots with a View”. You can read why I bought ithere. Mum enjoyed it – hooray! She’s also just finished reading one of my ‘Inspector Montalbano’ books and enjoyed that too – double hooray – a woman of good taste! 😉

Another great day with the visiting family. Nite!