Café Copenhagen – 7 December 2009

The Flylady habit for this month is…pampering – hooray! 🙂

This has been one of the most difficult Flylady habits for me to embrace… How on earth could taking time for myself possibly help the state of the house? But, yet again, she is right. Just 15 minutes (or even just making a nice cup of coffee) helps me recharge my batteries and gives me the ‘oomph’ to get going again…

So if you haven’t taken 15 minutes for yourself today, or need some simple ideas on how to pamper, then come and join me for my live show – Café Copenhagen – on BlogTalkRadio. Why not give me a call and share your own ‘me’ time ideas?

And if you don’t manage to listen live, then go listen to the archive – click here! 😉