Reading Week at school

My DKs (dear kids) go to a local Danish school. All communication is done via the school’s intranet – which has put an end to the ‘paper-lost-at-bottom-of-schoolbag’ syndrome! πŸ˜‰

The After School Club posts a Weekly Plan, with a run down of the planned activities. Everything from painting Warhammer figures to running in the local woods, making jewellry, band practice, photo workshop and face painting. The kids can also just draw or dance, play tag with their friends, or take the gokarts and rollerskates (helmets and kneepads) from the shed in the playground. The After School Club also sends out the ‘menu’ for the afternoon snack…for example, fresh fruit salad or homemade pizza or pasta salad. Today (Wednesday) they can sit outside and do woodcarving at the school’s covered bonfire area or do indoor crafts. And there will be hot soup at 3pm, made over the campfire! πŸ™‚

The teachers also send out a Weekly Lesson Plan so we know what they will be working on, what the homework is, if they need outdoors or indoors gymclothes, etc. This week is a bit special because it’s Reading Week for the whole school.

Shhhhh…….vi lΓ¦ser! Shhhhh…….we’re reading!

No schoolbooks or gymclothes required this week. The only things they have to take are:

  • pencil case (and their scissors and glue stick)
  • a book of their choice
  • a pillow or rug (so they can get all snuggly)
  • a soft toy or doll (that they can read to…)

There are lots of different reading and writing workshops, fiction and non-fiction. And lots of time, of course, to just chill and read. There’s a ‘reading barometer’ when you come into the school, and a red string is working it’s way around the corridors – like something from a fairy story – 1 metre of string for every 1,000 pages read. By Monday afternoon the kids (from 0. to 9. grade) had read 18,455 pages, so I hope they’ve got lots of red string.

And great thing about this week? No homework… πŸ˜‰ Happy reading!

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  1. Hi Em! Throw in a cup of coffee, a box of chocolates and it's my idea of heaven too! πŸ™‚

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