Copenhagen Kitchen – week 3

Three weeks into our kitchen remodel and things are chugging along nicely. A few minor setbacks, lots of loose ends, but lots of progress.

Got a bit disheartened with the constant layer of dust which seeps out of the kitchen and up to the bedrooms on the first floor, all the rooms on the main floor and down to the office/laundry/workshop in the basement… But a quick feather dust followed by 10 minutes with the hoover and another 10 with a mop gets us back to ‘normal’.

The Flylady mantra of ‘you can do anything for 15 minutes’ has been my saving grace. Because for me, the hardest part is getting started and fighting the inner princess that says ‘poor old me, waaaaa, I don’t want to do this and I don’t have the time’! 🙂

The builders arrive at 7am and I try to do the clean up as soon as they leave for the day – which can be anytime between 3pm and 6pm. If I’m honest, the ‘dust’ situation is getting better. They’re finished all the demolishing work and are building things up again. The skip which contained the old kitchen has been towed away, so there isn’t much to see in the front garden.

Though now part of the lawn in the back garden is covered with boards/cement mixers/sand etc. In my pre-Flylady days I would have given up on the garden completely (‘why should I bother when part of it is such a mess?’) but this time I’m out there weeding/pruning for 15 minutes a day and mowing where I can. Don’t think our garden has ever looked this good in the 9 years that we’ve been here 🙂

One strange thing about this whole business is that from time to time I ‘miss’ the old kitchen. For example, if I’m prepping dinner in our camp kitchen in the basement, I have an urge to look in an old kitchen cupboard. Which I can’t – for obvious reasons! I suppose I spend so much time in the kitchen, it’s like losing a limb! LOL Thankfully I had the forethought to take lots of pictures for the quintessential ‘before & after’ album.

I update the album every couple of days

And I add videos when there are big changes

That’s all for week 3. Join me in week 4, when we hopefully have a kitchen floor to walk on! 😉

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Kitchen – week 3”

  1. can i relate to the dust issue! i thought it would never end. but it´s amazing how soon you forget what a pain construction is after it´s finished and you´re back in the kitchen enjoying the upgrade!
    you´re doing wonderfully and are an inspiration to us all.

  2. Aww, thanks 🙂 And can't wait to see photos on *your* blog of *your* remodel – will keep me going! LOL

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