Christmas planning – week 3

Thanks to the Flylady, I’m gradually getting out of my old ‘perfectionist’ way of buying Christmas gifts. It’s the thought that counts – right? So I don’t need to spend hours choosing the ‘perfect’ present for every single person (over 30 of them this year) on the list and spend another half hour agonising over how to wrap it…

Here are a few of my ideas, would love to hear yours too! 🙂

For teenage nephews and nieces: gift vouchers for their favourite store, plus a calendar of their favourite football club or heartthrob [sigh…]

Schoolteachers: DD7 has new ones this year, so they’ll get a voucher for a book shop, the ‘old’ teachers get a small box of shortbread or chocs.

Scoutleaders: DD7 and DS9 both go to Scouts. Instead of getting individual presents (there are about 9 leaders in all), we buy a big box of Quality Street for them to keep at the Scout hut – just for the grown ups 😉 Went down a storm last year.

‘Courtesy’ aunts & uncles to our DKs: the lastest school photo of the DKs, in an Ikea frame, nicely wrapped

The bin men (we have the same ones all year round): a few bottles of Xmas beer (with a bit of tinsel round it) that I leave on top of the bin

The postman (a young Polish guy, cheery chap): he’s getting a small box of chocs or biscuits and Xmas tea – the wee soul!

And last, but not least…me! (Thank you again Flylady for the idea.) DH will buy me some sort of ‘big’ present, but last year I actually bought a few ‘stocking fillers’ for myself – a DVD, a book, Origins makeup. Because ‘Mum’ never gets many presents herself does she? 😉

That was it for week 3. Come back next Sunday and find out what I’m up to. And don’t forget to go take a look at how Xmas-planners extraordinaires Candace, Krista and Pippa are getting on! 🙂