Kitchen essentials

We’re just about to start a (huge) remodel of our kitchen which will give us a place to sit down and eat in there. Right now, we either sit in our garden room (if it’s just the 4 of us) or use our large dining room.

The kitchen has always been MY room. DH doesn’t cook, and I don’t ask him to. He has cooked for me twice (when we were first going out in 1994) and can reheat things if I’m on death’s door. So I’ve always had full reign in there, and painted it bright pink.

I’ve got a couple of personal nicknacks in there that I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to display in our new ‘family’ space…

Above the sink, photo of me at the tender age of 21 with H.R.H. The Princess Royal (Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter). It was taken when she came to visit our offices in Edinburgh. Makes me smile when I look at my permed hair and those long, RED nails I had at work… Must have spent hours looking after them!

My official Star Wars pencil – it says ‘May the force be with you”, though the writing has rubbed off a bit over the years. Got it in 1977 and it has, somehow, moved with me from Edinburgh to Luxembourg to Denmark. Didn’t intentionally mean to take it with me, it’s just been in one of those boxes of pens/pencils that follow you from house-to-house. I loved Han Solo as a child (more so as a woman…) and now that DS9 and friends have become the next generation of Star Wars freaks, I keep it on permanent display πŸ˜‰

And my single drumstick, thrown by The Klaxons at an open-air concert they played in MalmΓΆ Sweden in late summer 2007. I had to fight off a small crowd of other fans to get it. Gives me hope that there’s still life in the old girl yet…

2 thoughts on “Kitchen essentials”

  1. LOL about the pencil! I have a clicky ball point pen that I got from Wales. It says "souvenir of wales" on it. Lets just say I have had it more than half my life! And it has travelled with me to 5 different homes in UK and to Germany with me! Weird! It's not even got any sentimental value whatsoever, nor do I particularly need it. But, funnily enough, it still works! LOL
    HAHA the word I have to type in below to prevent spam in "mingless" I just found that amusing…

  2. Isn't it weird how pens and pencils follow us all our lives? Something the 'X files' should investigate! LOL

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