This week’s menu plan! 18 October 2023

What’s for dinner?

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Happy Wednesday from wonderful Copenhagen! Do you menu plan? I never really enjoy doing it but I do love it when it’s done! No more stress at dinner time – I make a basic plan and change around as necessary (our plans often change). One day a week might be leftovers, a simple “clean out the fridge” quiche or madder (Danish ryebread with various toppings). We will also plan the occasional takeaway or evening out. Keep it simple, Sweetie!

But without further ado, here’s what we ate at Casa Copenhagen last week!

Homemade Cottage Pie simple and tasty (I often add black lentils to make the minced beef go a little further, gives it a lovely hearty taste)

Madder – slices of Danish rybebread with various toppings (see above) on a night I was out to a sea dip at dusk!

Korean Beef Bowls – I used the other half of the minced beef from Monday’s cottage pie to make beef bowls. Always so tasty and fast. This is a great recipe that I use as inspiration.

Tarteletter – Danish pastry tartlets with a homemade creamy filling of chicken, onion, asparagus or mushroom. I usually serve with potatoes and carrots or a fresh salad. You’ll often see tarteletter as one of the dishes at our traditional Danish Christmas lunches.

Build-your-own-burger with salad and homemade fries (normal for hubby, sweet potato for me)

Tagliatelle pasta with mushrooms, bacon, chili, cream and parmesan

Out to dinner with the kids – we relived this year’s summer holiday in San Sebastian and went to a fantastic small Basque pintxo restaurant in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen, called Contento. Will definitely return!

That’s it! Remember to clear up from dinner (don’t go wandering off) and finish your Evening Routine!

Velbekomme (“bon appétit”) and have a wonderful day!

LLAP! Hugs!


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