Weekly Newsletter: Danish autumn vibes and a whole house declutter!

Happy Monday from wonderful (if a little grey…) Copenhagen! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and got some rest and relaxation. Are your batteries recharged, ready to start the week?

First a little round-up of my Copenhagen life! Last week I tasted pumpkin pie for the very first time! My Bestie, Erika from America, and I visited the American Pie Company cafΓ© in the centre of Copenhagen. Very hygge! The pie was tasty (though I’m not sure I would need to eat it more than once a year…) but the warm apple cinnamon cider was delicious! Cheers!

I also managed a few morning skinny dips with my Danish Besties, Vibeke and Helene. A pre-work dip really sets me up for the day! We bike to the sea and it’s time to bring out the scarves, hats and gloves!

Saturday mornings are spent with my international swimming friends, the Copenhagen Bluetits. We meet all year round, whatever the weather. Some ladies are competitive swimmers, others like to quickly “dip”. But we all come for the chat and the post-swim goodies! I usually bring a batch of my easy overnight bread rolls, plus butter and breakfast chocolate. Sea temp is currently 15c/59f and the air was much cooler! Brr!

Yesterday (Sunday) several friends came to our garden and did a spot of apple and walnut picking (an American friend, who moved here just a few months ago, said that she loved our apples trees…she has fond memories of apple picking in the States). We had apple cake and hot tea (it was very chilly yesterday morning, it won’t be long before we have night frost). Hubby and I took a walk in the park in the afternoon and gathered some horse chestnuts (“conkers”). I’ll be making little animals from them – a very Danish pastime!

Apple and walnut picking in our garden

But let’s not forget that we are going to be working this week! Did you enjoy this year’s Get Organized Virtual Summit? I was so inspired that I went a little crazy the weekend afterwards! In today’s YouTube video…a whole house declutter. Items from each of the five Flylady Zones! Go find ONE item to declutter RIGHT NOW!

Prepare to be motivated! Diane in Denmark

I use – and teach – the Flylady system because it is so simple and keeps me on track! Here’s this week’s Zone for detail cleaning and decluttering… Remember that we are just aiming to do a few things from the list! We are making things better…keeping our homes clean and cozy. Remember to add a little hygge to your space: a candle, bloom, plant, etc! You can find all my templates and worksheets here on the blog. All free, and you can edit them using the Canva application!

Need a body double to work along with you in this week’s Zone! Here you are! Remember to set a timer and take breaks!

Let’s get to work!

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Have a wonderful day and see you later this week – I’ll be back with a mission for our Flylady Habit of the month (paper clutter) and sharing this week’s menu plan!

LLAP! Hugs!