Scaredy Cat Challenge…we’re baaaack!

How are you all getting on with your Scaredy Cat Challenges? What – you don’t know what a Scaredy Cat Challenge is? Sit back, relax, think of a warm, tropical beach and let me walk you through it…

You’ve got a lovely (read: painfully expensive) sewing machine. But the thought of a sewing pattern (and following instructions on said pattern) makes you hyperventilate. You’d really like to get out on your bike more (read: set a good example for your kids) but you’re scared you’ll lose steam before you get to your destination and end up having to getting the bus home. Your toes are in dire need of a pedicure but you’d rather walk through flaming coals than let a stranger (okay, if we’re being totally honest, even a trusted friend) touch your feet…

These were just some of my own personal challenges earlier this year. My very first Scaredy Cat Challenge post is here.

A Scaredy Cat Challenge is any project you’d like to start (and hopefully finish?!) but keep putting off. I started them in January and friends, blogfriends and twisters have been joining me ever since. Tempted? But nervous? Then join our merry little band and sign up with the McLinky below… ;D

Let’s hold hands and be scared together. Bring on the Challenges! 😀

A rare sight – a belt.

PS: A word of thanks to MissusSmartyPants for the very nice mention in her blog! She’s issued her own Scaredy Cat (Style) Challenge – go look! I couldn’t, of course, resist her throwing down the fashion gauntlet, so here I am wearing a belt – belts are my least used accessories. (My love affair with my scarves is, of course, a completely different matter…)