Menu plan – 25 May 2021

Good afternoon from wonderful Copenhagen! It’s Tuesday, the day I do my “plan and play”: checking my diary to see what lies ahead (birthdays and my daughter’s High School graduation), filing papers, checking my bank statement and connecting with friends to see when we can meet up. And planning our menu for the week ahead…here’s this week’s menu at Casa Copenhagen!

  • spaghetti carbonara with a side salad
  • cashew ketchup chicken stir fry with basmati rice and sugarsnaps
  • Shakshuka (there are lots of shakshuka variations on the BBC Good Food website) with crusty bread
  • build-your-own-burger with homemade oven fries and fresh veggies on the side (we didn’t make this last week so it’s on the menu again)
  • Red Thai Baked Chicken, an idea from the Emily Kydd book “Quick + Simple = Delicious” (you mix equal quantities of butter and red Thai curry paste, spread on top of chicken pieces and bake) with rösti potatoes (from the freezer) and some leftover ratatouille
  • a very fresh salad, Thai Larb, from one of our favourite cookbooks, “My Asian Kitchen” by Jennifer Joyce (we always make our Larb with minced chicken and lots of fresh mango)
  • one day of the week for us is usually leftovers, a frittata/quiche made with any veggies which need using up, risotto or Danish smørrebrød (rye bread open sandwiches with various toppings)
  • and if you need a quick and easy – and very Danish – dessert, try our frugt salat, also known as abemad (“monkey food”). And, yes, it contains chocolate!

Remember to K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, Sweetie! And don’t forget to clean up as you go along, and “close” the kitchen when you have finished eating dinner. You will thank yourself in the morning!

Kitchen is closed and the rest of the evening is mine!

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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