Flødeboller! What's not to love? Um, even more!

No sooner than I had wiped the last chocolate from the corners of my mouth and hit ‘publish’ on my flødeboller blogpost (Flødeboller! What’s not to love?), than I remembered that there was even more to go round of those dainty Danish domes of delight!

What about a tongue twister?  Fem flade flødeboller på et fladt flødebollefad!  (Five flat flødeboller on a flat flødebolle tray.)  Yep, try saying that one five times fast.  With or without aforementioned flødebolle in your mouth 😉

And no self-respecting school fête or børnehavefest (nursery party) is complete without Flødebollemaskinen.  The “flødebolle catapult machine”!  Always a hit.  But sometimes a miss (boom, boom)!  You very carefully balance a flødebolle (make sure to use the cheap ones for this!) on the back of the machine…

 …and throw a ball at the “clown”.  If you hit him right on the nose – baboom – the flødebolle flies up and you try and catch it!

Sadly, many hundreds of yummy flødeboller are harmed each summer in the process. And end up as a big sticky mess on the playground… 😉

But – hey – onwards and upwards!  Summer is well and truly here in Denmark right now and my DD12 and DS14 are eating icecream round the clock.  If you’re out and about and find a good icecream shop, then go the whole hog and ask for syltetøj (jam), flødeskum (whipped cream) and a flødebolle, for a real traditional Danish treat.   They’ll stick the flødebolle (okay, more like kind of squash it…) upside down on the top of your icecream cone.  Difficult to eat and you may need to wash your face afterwards but, hey, it’s a unique Danish summer experience!  🙂

Okay, time to go – my cup of coffee and flødebolle await!  Really, what’s not to love?

Diane 🙂



2 thoughts on “Flødeboller! What's not to love? Um, even more!”

  1. I just love the idea of Flodeballe. I love Tunnock's Teacakes so to have one with marzipan in the base just seems heavenly. Do they do them with liquorice, as well?

  2. Oooo, we love Tunnocks in our family too! And – yep – you can get liquorice flødeboller (try Summerbird, Spangsberg, Sv. Michelsen). Though, if you saw my post "Lakrids – The (Danish) Root of all evil", you'll know that I can't stand the horrible black stuff! 😉 blogs.denmark.dk/diane/2014/04/29/liquorice-lakrids/

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