Menu plan – 9 March 2021

Happy Tuesday from sunny Copenhagen!

Just above freezing here today, but we are so glad to see the sun!

Time to do a little “Plan and Play ” if you’re following the Flyady daily focus. Spend 10 or 15 minutes looking at what’s coming up in your calendar…a wee bit of planning keeps the stress away! Do you need to check bank statements, pay a bill, send someone a greetings card? I’ve been doing some online shopping (a few birthday presents for our daughter who turns 19 later this month, plus a few Easter gift treats). And menu planning! Here’s what we’re eating this week at Casa Copenhagen!

Last week’s bean and veggie chili
  • Danish meatball, dumpling and carrot soup with homemade speedy breadrolls (my recipe for those is here)
  • simple Beef Satay with noodles/veggies
  • Sausages in a sweet chili/honey sauce, mashed potato and steamed broccoli
  • Butter chicken with basmati rice and naan bread (this is the recipe we use)
  • Croque Madame and salad (a grilled sandwich topped with a fried egg)
  • Nasi Goreng (using the leftover rice from the butter chicken)
  • one day of the week for us is usually leftovers, a frittata/quiche made with any veggies which need using up, risotto or Danish smørrebrød (rye bread open sandwiches with various toppings), or we might get a takeaway
  • and how about this very easy “stir and bake” courgette/zucchini tart? The recipe came from my friend Sue and you can see how to make it here…

Remember to K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, Sweetie! And don’t forget to clean up as you go along, and “close” the kitchen when you have finished eating dinner.

Snowdrops from our garden, I keep them by my kitchen sink

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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