🥗 MENU What’s for dinner? 9 June 2020 Flylady Menu planning

salade nicoise
What’s for dinner this week at Casa Copenhagen? We are in Flylady Zone 2 at the moment and one of my “pamper” ideas was to pull out some of our old recipes for lighter, “summer” dishes because the weather is beginning to heat up now, woo hoo!😀 So it will be crisp veggies galore this week! [Need errand day/pamper and garden ideas for the kitchen zone? See here!]

If I don’t specify in my menu plan, our side dishes are usually a fresh veggie platter (tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, broccoli florets, etc) or a spinach salad. One evening per week is usually leftovers or some simple smørrebrød (Danish rye bread with toppings) or we use up what we have left in the fridge, making it into a quiche or an omelet. When you’re menu planning, remember to K.I.S.S. – “Keep it simple, sweetie”!

We love to have “substantial” salads and my daughter’s favourite is Salade Nicoise. The eggs and potatoes make it very filling, and I usually use any leftover rye bread we have to make croutons for some added crunch.
salade nicoise
Pork chops with “overnight” salad – my recipe for this rather weird and intriguing salad is here

Thai Larb (from the Jennifer Joyce “My Asian Kitchen” book – we love this cookbook and refer to it often). My son will be making the Larb for us
Jennifer Joyce "My Asian Kitchen"
and we’ll be using mango instead of pineapple once again because it was so good last time!
Thai Larb
Fish tacos (we will probably use cod and panko breadcrumbs) with lots of lovely sriracha mayonnaise/sliced avocado/coriander on the top, and make a simple carrot/cabbage coleslaw to go along with it.

Beef steaks with oven fries (potato/sweet potato) and warm cannellini beans/wilted spinach/pesto

Coronation chicken (pictured above) which you can see me putting together on YouTube…a few simple ingredients and it’s on the table in 5 minutes!

And when you’ve finished dinner? Don’t forget to “close the kitchen” and leave your sink ready for the next time!

Diane in Denmark menu planning

Bon appétit!
And may the Danish hygge be with you!

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