🥗 MENU What’s for dinner? 2 June 2020 Flylady Menu planning

What’s for dinner this week at Casa Copenhagen? The first of June heralds the start of Danish summer and we are off to a wonderful start with sunny, blue skies and temperatures got up to 24c/75f yesterday! 😀👒 This week we’ve got a good mix of tried and trusted family favourites: recipes I can make with my eyes closed – so useful when things are busy and beginning to get hot. In other news it’s Danish Constitution Day plus Danish Fathers Day on 5 June (fixed date every year). Many stores/supermarkets are closed, also some schools and offices. Some have a half-day holiday. Check locally for details but make sure to do your grocery shop early this week!

If I don’t specify below, our side dishes are usually a fresh veggie platter (tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, broccoli florets, etc) or a spinach salad. Usually we have one evening per week where we use leftovers, eat some simple smørrebrød (Danish rye bread with toppings) or use up what we have left in the fridge. When you’re menu planning, remember to K.I.S.S.! Keep it simple, sweetie!

Whole roast chicken done in one pan along with potatoes, carrots and bacon. Easy Peasy! Served with a mozzarella tomato salad.

We didn’t get round to making the Grilled flank steak salad with red onion, beans and pesto (from the Emily Kydd book) last week, so that’s been pushed forward to this week’s menu.

Bibimbap. Yes, again! We make a variation of this recipe https://mykoreankitchen.com/bibimbap-korean-mixed-rice-with-meat-and-assorted-vegetables/ And I make a large batch of the sauce, keeping it in a jar in the fridge.

Diane in Denmark menu planning

Diane in Denmark menu planning

Oksekød i fad or “Beef in a bowl” A rather strange name and actually the first-ever dish my Dear Danish Husband cooked for me when we were courting. Don’t be alarmed by the vast quantity of ketchup, it gives real flavour to the dish 😅 Here’s how to make it.

Boller i karry a.k.a “balls in curry” – yes, we are all about the silly Danish names this week – with rice and homemade naan bread.
 Leftovers from the week served with Watermelon, Feta cheese and Cucumber salad…to keep us cool!

Looking for more easy recipes? I have a whole series!

And when you’ve finished dinner? Don’t forget to “close the kitchen” and leave your sink ready for the next time!

Bon appétit!
And may the Danish hygge be with you!