See you on the other side!

As you’ll have seen from my recent posts, my kids are on their summer break from school (six whole weeks, woop, woop!) and the weather in Denmark is fan-flippin-fantastic (upwards of 25 degrees and sunny most days).  Which means that it’s time for me to clear off my blog desk and take a (well deserved) break!  So you’ll just have to do without me for a couple of weeks… 😛

I leave you with a (terrible) joke that my DDDFIL (dearly departed Danish father-in-law) always told whenever there were radishes on the lunch table.  And – as DDFIL loved radishes – that was extremely often! 🙂

What can the Danes do that the Swedes can’t do?  Grow radishes in the national colours!  [In case you didn’t get it…the red and white of Dannebrog, the Danish flag).]

See you on the other side of the summer holidays!

Diane 🙂

3 thoughts on “See you on the other side!”

  1. I'll miss your posts – but look forward to seeing them when you come back. Enjoy the summer! x

  2. Speaking of vegetables in national colors, there is a reason why carrots are called gulerødder in Danish — because historically common carrots were more yellow in color. However the Dutch, those agricultural show-offs who settled in Amager and proceeded to show the Danes how to farm more efficiently, created a popular orange-colored hybrid to compliment their royalty — the House of Orange.

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