What does that sign mean? Beats me! (Badum tish!)

[Today’s post is especially for my DBB (Dear Big Brother) in Scotland.]

I got into the Quiet Zone compartment of an S-train last week when this sign caught my eye…


I had to take a closer look. No, my eyes didn’t deceive me. No drums allowed? Say what?!


It turns out – selvfølgelig – that those crazy Danes (or should I say some rather crazy, clever people at DSB) came up with this great sign to make us look twice. And to reinforce the idea of respecting the silence. I’m sure you’ve been in that position yourself – sitting next to someone with [excuse my French] crappy earbuds when you can hear every. single. pesky. boom. boom. schack. noise that comes out of their ears? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I’m all for loud music (I turn mine up to 11) but, please, please, people…get some decent headphones!!!


So although you are very welcome to bring your bike on the train (as I regularly do), please leave your drumset and your crappy earbuds at home! 😉


Have a terrific Tuesday!

Diane 🙂

2 thoughts on “What does that sign mean? Beats me! (Badum tish!)”

  1. Hi Diane. Stumpled upon your blog whilst looking for a recipe for Medsterpølse. I am a crazy Dane who lives in the UK part of the year and the balance in sunny Spain. Reading your blogs brought back so many memories of my beloved Denmark. You have a wonderful knack of actually capturing the moods of our weird and wonderful traditions. Hats off to you!

    Your comment about the sign on the train brought back a memory too. I can't include the photo here but have a look at the link: i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah135/KellPriesum/IMG_0376_zps48meqku5.jpg

    This sign is at Aalborg Airport drop-off area. Wonderful sense of humour I think.

    Kepp up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Kell! And I just *love* your sign from the airport…certainly makes people think twice! And kiss for less than 3 minutes… 😉

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