Attention! It's Ascension!

Hot on the heels of Big Prayer Day, I bring you yet another public service announcement…

This Thursday, 5 May 2016, we have yet another religious holiday where Denmark will basically be closed for business. What’s the occasion this time? Kristi Himmelfart. Literally, Christ’s Sky Flight. Or Ascension, as is the more boring name in English. Oh, yes, I may have lived in Copenhagen for 18 years but the Danish word ‘fart‘ still brings out the child in me! Don’t you just love the elevator buttons in Danish stations..? 😉


But, as usual, I digress! Attention! Where were we? Ascension. Oh yes, Thursday is closed and Danish schools make ‘a bridge’ for this particular holiday and so schools will also be closed on Friday 6 May. But most workplaces will be open for business as usual.

And what do the Danes do for Ascension? Just like our last holiday (Big Prayer Day), it’s high season for confirmations, a spot of gardening and – if the Danish weather gods are with us – enjoying some hot and sunny weather. So far we have had a very cold spring. As regular readers will know, I’m a winterbather, and our sea temperature has been stuck on 5c/41f for weeks and weeks… Cheers with a hot cuppa!


Have a great Kristi Himmelfart!

Diane 🙂


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  1. Good Morning from the U.S!!! I am well on my way to finishing the book Diane,"chapter 40" and truly hoping there is more to come .This is my first cozy read and you surely have done an amazing job of getting me hooked on a new genre,yay:).My son is home from school this week with pneumonia ,age 9,and he just got the biggest chuckle out of this post along with myself.The word "fart"just never stops being funny,no matter how many times we see or hear it!Thanks for the giggle this morning:)

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