My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar – 20 December 2014 (Christmas spirit)

Welcome back to My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar!  Join me every day in opening a new door.  Once again, I’ve got a host of goodies to share with you – traditional Danish Christmas recipes, traditions, songs, games, decorations, crafts and landscapes…  So sit back, relax and enjoy!


My dear Readers, it’s Saturday and I am hopelessly late in ‘opening’ today’s door…but just look at what is in store! 🙂


Yes, this past week has been a whirlwind and I’ve been burning the (Advent, ho ho!) candle at both ends – Tivoli, stand-up comedy with Tobias Dybvad and Anders Grau, Christmas jazz with Mads Mathis and the DR Big Band and, last but not least, the Star Wars Holiday Special.  Much merriment has been had!  Though I have to admit that the Star Wars Special from 1978 – brought to us by the ‘Bad Movie Club’ at Huset i Magtstræde – was indeed even more dire than we could have hoped – we certainly needed the force (together with julebrygand popcorn) with us in order to get through those 90 toe-curling minutes! 😛

But I digress!  Today we’ve been at home decorating, cooking, wrapping, singing Christmas songs and making several types of konfekt

The Christmas trees which have been outside in the garden


…finally came in from the cold.  Good friends came over for dinner and hygge and we feasted on all the food I’ve been stockpiling for weeks! 🙂  Their little girl princess did us the honours and decorated the little tree – all by herself…

Beautiful!  Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?  Not a dry eye in the house.

Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow when we open the next door!

Diane :)

2 thoughts on “My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar – 20 December 2014 (Christmas spirit)”

  1. Thanks for notes and writings. Wonderful
    Trying to get back to my roots.
    You are very encouraging.
    You and yours have a joyous Christmas season.

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