You know you're in Denmark when… (Crocodiles)

You know you’re in Denmark when…

It’s 10 am.  And there they are, a crocodile of Danish nursery kids.  You’ll usually see them in ‘troops’ of 20 kids and 3 teachers.

Yep, they’re out and about.  Whatever the season, whatever the weather (“You know when you’re in Denmark when…(No such thing as bad weather!)”)

Crocodiles of small Danish kids are a common sight.  What day is it?  It’s “tur dag” – ‘daytrip day’!

Most nurseries and kindergartens have set days for set activities, for example:

  • mandag, bagedag (Monday, baking)
  • tirsdag, rytmik (Tuesday, music and movement)
  • onsdag, legetøjsdag (Wednesday, bring a toy)

“Tur dag” is the day when the kids go on a trip.  Either to a museum, a nearby playground or even just a walk around the neighbourhood.  You know kids – a five minute walk soon turns into a thirty minute expedition when you stop to look with awe and wonder at every single snail, conker and (red Danish) squirrel that you meet along the way! 🙂

And what’s that at the back of the crocodile?  The ubiquitous Danish wooden wagon to hold the “turtasker” (“day trip rucksacks”)…

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend – wherever you end up!

Diane 🙂



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  1. Good for them! I think it's sad that the gods of Health and Safety have made it nigh on impossible to regularly take children out in this country. Certainly the risk assessment forms involved in taking 20 nursery children out would be immense. I always remember the first episode of Forbrydellsen when they said the wasteland was used "by prostitutes and nursery groups" that it seemed so incongruous.In this country use by one would keep the other away!

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