Menu plan Thursday – Letting the kids loose!

Did you have a favourite cookbook as a child? This is my one, “A Young Cook’s Calendar” by Katie Stewart. It’s from 1978 and cost 45p at the time! There aren’t any photos in it (only drawings) but I loved reading about “walks at the weekend and tea by the fire” and “picnic food to carry to a special place”….ahh, so cosy! 🙂

I bought this mini BBC Good Food cookbook “101 recipes for kids” via Amazon the other day (I actually bought three from the same series – the dangers of trawling the internet after 9pm) and the kids jumped on it when it arrived in the post. They’ve been looking at all the pictures and drooling. “Can we have this? And this too? Ooo, this looks good!” So I said, “Okay, you plan the menu for this week – you can choose whatever you like as long as you make it!” 😉 

Last night DS10 made us Cheesey Corn Cakes (p.42) for dinner. They turned out so well, I think they look even better than the ones in the book! 😉

Anyway, without further ado, here’s what DS10 and DD8 are planning to cook the next 7 days…


  • Mexican Tortilla Triangles – p.40 We’re making them with some leftover chicken and we’ll have them with salad


  • Veggie burgers – p.104 on our own homemade wholewheat rolls

  • Speedy Banana Splits – p.196 Do you see the bananas in the fruit bowl, they need to be eaten! 😉


  • Ham and cheese pizza – p.72

  • Chocolate Fondue and Toasted Marshmallows – p.180 Did someone say ‘oooooo’?


  • Veggie Spaghetti Bolognese – p.60 It’s made with red lentils, will be interesting!


  • Sticky Chicken Drumsticks – p. 74 We’ll serve it with sushi rice (made in my trusty ricecooker) and readymade Goma dressing (Japanese sesame sauce)


  • Oven egg and chips – p.102 It’s Scout night tonight so we need a quick n’ easy dish.


  • Cauli(flower) Macaroni cheese – p.68 This is actually my choice 🙂

DS10 said to me, “Mum, it doesn’t really matter if you change around the days we’re making this food…because everything is going to taste yum!” 😉

Child labour? DS10 hard at work making pancakes last Sunday morning…

Hope you have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday with lots of good things on your plate! 🙂