Spring fever? Hay fever!

Hope you all had a nice Easter?  The weather here was fantastic – sunny and (mostly) dry.  My tootsies even got their first airing in flipflops!

Everything is blooming in the garden and I’ve been weeding, pruning and potting like crazy… 

People are out on their bikes, scooters, skateboards, waveboards and pennyboards. Or how about the old gent I spied this morning on the cycle path, who was kicking it old school style on rollerblades! 😀

It’s now open season for schoolkids to be out in the forests and parks for gym class and sports day.  This lucky class got the extra “pleasure” of watching me and my winterbathing buddies take our skinny dip this morning! 😉

Yep, big and small, everyone is out and about.  Seeing the ‘crocodile’ of kids from the local nursery on their morning walk always brings a tear to my eye!

But talking of teary eyes…  All this fabulous weather means that pesky pollen is having a riot! And on Monday we had a new Danish record for birch.  4,696.  Yikes!  My poor DDH (dear Danish husband) and DS14 (dear son, 14) have been suffering for days.  I don’t have allergies as such, but that dang pollen affects my asthma and makes my nose run…  Pass the hankies, please!

Have a [blows nose] wonderful Wednesday!

Diane 🙂