Menu plan – Wednesday 18 September 2013

Woops!  I made a menu plan but never got round to posting it last week.  But – hey ho – onwards and upwards!  Last time I mentioned that we were trying a ‘Family favourites’ dinner box delivery for our family of four (the ingredients/recipes for five complete meals.)  Here’s what we got in our first delivery…

The meat/dairy box
The veggies/dry ingredients box

How did it go?  Well, we loved two dishes, two were good and one got mixed reactions.  The portions were very generous so we ended up ‘saving’ some of the ingredients to use on other days.  So no waste!  All in all, a success… This week we’ve ordered the ‘Quick n’ easy’ box, which contains three meals which are straightforward and take maximum 30 minutes to prepare. Let’s see how that goes.

So here’s what’s for dinner this week at Casa Copenhagen:

From the magic box:

*  Beefburgers topped with watercress served with oven roasted parsnip/carrot/potato wedges, salad of lettuce, tomato and shallot

*  Flash-fried flank steak with couscous and a shallot/red pepper/tomato/grapefruit salad

*  Duck confit with fried cubed potatoes, cucumber and warm spidskål (Danish ‘pointy’ cabbage)

And the other days are:

*  My crockpot minestrone (to use up all the extra veggies…)

Leek, carrot, parsnip, onion, a handful of rice, some shrivelled cherry tomatoes, a couple of stock cubes, water, salt and pepper going in the crockpot for minestrone.  Just need to add a tin of tomatoes and switch on.  Will add pasta and bacon later 🙂

*  Pizza and veggie sticks – on a day when we are ‘chilling’ with some old episodes of Dr Who

*  Flæskesteg (Danish roast pork with crackling), boiled potatoes, gravy and beetroot

*  Leftover day or chicken fillets with pasta

Bon appétit!

Diane 🙂