Hello January!

Happy New Year!  After a whirlwind month of December (did you catch my Danish Christmas Advent Calendar?), the kids are now well back into school and activities, Herr and Frue Danmark are back to work and life is back to normal.  A nice, quiet month. Though, by golly, the shops and bakers are already trying to get more money out of us turning our attention to Fastelavn (Carnival).  Which – you will remember – has very little in common with hot temperatures and samba dancing…    If you really want to get started early, go ready my DIY FASTELAVN – CARNIVAL IN COPENHAGEN

Weatherwise, it’s been unseasonably mild so far this winter.  Instead of ice and snow, below zero temperatures and clear blue skies, we’ve had dull, long, dark days with fog and rain.  Boo!  Though that’s all set to change.  Yesterday when we were down at the beach for our daily skinny dip, it was howling a gale, snow was falling and the steps and bannister of the bathing bridge were covered in ice.  Forcing us to wade into the sea from the beach…  Ready for the the gory details? Water temperature was 1c/33f, the air temperature was -3c/26f and the windchill was -11c/13f   Brr! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

This? Was cold!

We’ve had more snow during the night, so this morning I was out shovelling, brushing and salting the pavement.  Though, if you’re out on foot at the moment, the best bet is probably to walk on the cycle paths – they’re always cleared.  Just watch out for bikes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gritted cycle paths

Thankfully the days are getting a teeny bit longer and the sun is finally making a very welcome return.  Here’s a picture from our run in the park this morning.  Recognise this place?  To us, it’s Bernstorff Castle.  Though if you’re a Borgen fan, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s the Danish Prime Minister’s residence!

Bernstorff Castle…used in Borgen

Speaking of Borgen, the third series has started here and I’m already three episodes behind – eek!  Time to do some homework!  But also time to bundle up and get out into the sunshine again – let’s keep warm out there!

Diane ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. We keep having waves of odd warm weather followed by huge dips in temperature for days at a time. Only one snowfall so far–highly unusual for Iowa.

    Keep up that swimming! And enjoy getting back into your routine.

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