Salted potatoes

I can’t really call this a recipe…  But I wanted to share the idea with you because it’s a great way to serve plain old spuds when the weather turns warm.  Which is EXACTLY what has happened in Denmark during the last week! :o)

They’re best served lukewarm or cold – perfect for outside eating – and go really well with cold slices of roast beef or lamb.  Or with smoked salmon.  Or with some red pepper relish.  Or as an addition to a buffet or picnic basket.

To make these salty babies, just put the potatoes (tiny, small ones work best) in a pan and cover them with water.  Add about 100 ml of salt.  Yes, yikes, that IS a lot of salt.  Trust me on this!  Bring to the boil and cook until the potatoes are soft (approximately 20 minutes).

As soon as they are cooked drain off the water (or pour it onto any weeds you may have on the garden path…) and let the tatties cool on a dish.  You want the water to evaporate as soon as possible, leaving a slight white sheen on the potatoes.

Not terribly politically correct to be eating such salty food but, hey, everything in moderation…

Bon appétit and have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂