Join the Garden Party (7 May 2012)

It’s Monday!  Which means it’s time for an update on gardening the Flylady way = gardening in babysteps and using a timer.

We’ve just had a lovely long weekend with lots of time spent in the garden.  If you saw my post on DailyDenmark (where I blog about ‘those crazy Danes’ every Wednesday), you’ll know Denmark was closed on Friday because of ‘Big Prayer Day’.

DD10 was desperate to try her hand at ‘lawnmothering’.  I was all ready to tell her that she was too young/not strong enough/it was too dangerous.  But I didn’t want to quash her enthusiasm – so bit my tongue and let her have a shot…

She got off to a great start!  But found it pretty tough.  And gave up after about two minutes! ;o)  But I praised her for her efforts and she’s going to try again soon…


Aside from the ‘lawnmothering’, this week I’ve also worked on the following -15 minutes at a time:

  • trimmed all the lawn edges
  • weeded the flower and stone borders (this was just upkeep, as I weeded them ‘thoroughly’ a couple of weeks back)
  • cut down some very large tree branches that were beginning to get out of hand
  • did more weeding of the garden paths – a looooong job
  • deadheaded some plants

And – most important of all – generally enjoyed looking at the fruits of my efforts!  Whenever I finish a task I like to ‘reward’ myself.  Usually by cutting a small posy of flowers to display in the hall or living room –  a constant reminder that life sure is good 🙂

The white plant has a lovely honeysuckle scent.

And my nailvarnish needed redoing after all that hard work ;o)

And my plans for next week?  To keep going, not get overwhelmed and hopefully, if the temperatures heat up, have another chance to eat dinner on the deck.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday! 🙂