Join the Garden Party! (23 April 2012)

Just in case you haven’t seen my Monday posts, I should explain that – just like last year – I’m tackling my garden the same way I tackle the rest of my life.  The Flylady way!  Basic weekly routines.  Using my timer
for 15 minute sessions of concentrated work.  (Or listening to four/five songs on my phone.)  And
moving on to different areas of the garden or taking a break at the end of each
segment.  And it’s working πŸ™‚

I made sure to get the ‘lawnmothering’ done early yesterday morning…

Because – just as the Danish weathermen predicted – it started chucking it down at lunchtime.  And apparently we’re in for one whole week of rain.  Oh pook!

Oh well.  At least the rain will be good for the plants.  We’ve plenty of buds ready to burst, we just need a bit more heat and sunshine…

I’ve also managed to do a bit of weeding in the flower beds this week.  I’m not too perfectionist about the tiny weeds (I just turn over the earth and cut them up a bit) but I do take time to remove dandelions and their neverending roots.  My next job (if the rain stops…) is to start work on weeding the paths and paving.  And I’m excited because this year I’ve got a new trick up my sleeve – a little secret I got from the lady at the ironmongers.  See this?  The liquid that collects in the bottom of dehumidifier boxes (we use them a couple of places around the house where we had problems with mould).  Don’t just pour it down the toilet.  It’s a potent weed killer!  Just remember to keep the liquid away from little kids and pets as it’s – obviously – toxic… ;o)

Pesky grass in the paving…begone!

Okay, it’s time for a break.  I’m off to have a cuppa.  Hope you have a marvelous Monday! πŸ™‚