Seven Minute (Paper) Declutter Challenge

The Flylady‘s latest Super Fling Boogie finished last week (see The Super Fling Boogie continues – again! Again, again!) and for the month of February we’re working on decluttering on a daily basis.  I have – hooray! – made great strides since I discovered the Flylady’s system back in 2006.  But my battle with paper – my achilles heel – continues.  So although I’m usually on the winning team these days, I’m planning to use February to kick ass (if you pardon my French).

I’m pretty good at filing.  And, when the post comes into the house, I’ve got into the (fantastic) habit of filing things straight away.  Instead of leaving it to fester and multiply when my back is turned ;D  So filing isn’t the problem.

Just a small selection of files…I have around 40 of them – eeeeek! 

No, my problem is simply hanging on to too many pieces of paper.  Because (and fellow flybabies know what’s coming next) I think I might ‘need’ them.  Call me sentimental.  Or call me a paper hoarder! ;D

So I’m turning the Flylady‘s February habit into my new Seven Minute Declutter Challenge.  Decluttering paper for 7 minutes, Monday to Friday for the rest of the month.  Weekends are free.  I shall post my progress along the way – because otherwise I might be tempted to bail out halfway! 

Come fling with me?

Hope you have a marvelous Monday! 🙂