Christmas Planning 2011 – 7 weeks to go!

Another Monday.  Another round-up of Christmas planning! 🙂

I finally got the kids photos wrapped.  With lots of help from DD9 (who also wrote out all the to/from stickers).  I bought four different rolls of wrapping paper from Ikea but I have to admit that there was something rather pleasing about wrapping everything up in the same paper…

I also wrapped – this time away from little prying eyes – the kids’ advent gifts.  In Denmark it’s traditional to give the kids a tiny present every day in December.  I tried doing that for a couple of years and a) it was time consuming b) need I say stressful to find 24 different small gifts? c) expensive bien sûr and, d) the kids said “Wow!” when they opened their gift each morning, before promptly throwing said gift into a pile with all the others, before moving on to something else.  So now we give them a present each Advent Sunday morning.  And I’ve already bought and wrapped them – ha!

Advent Sunday pressies for the kids (in my kitsch but cute white heart basket)

The kids and I took a trip to our local Danish library yesterday and I got lots of inspirational books.  [The librarian actually went into the storeroom and got the Christmas chariot of books out for me.  They had it all ready to go but weren’t planning to put it out on display for another few days.  She thought I was very organised! ;D ]  I’m not planning to make oodles of decorations or bake biscuits and cakes en masse but it’s nice to get a few new ideas.  And there’s nothing cosier than sitting reading these books – with a cup of hot tea and a blanket over your knees – while the weather outside continues to deteriorate 🙂

I set myself some Christmas planning goals last week and – eek! – I still haven’t firmed up our Christmas plans…  So I’m hoping to get that done online tonight.  Don’t want to find out that there’s no room at the Inn! ;D

And my goals for next week?  Well, as the diary is filling up with Christmas lunches, concerts, bazars, etc, etc, I want to get the freezer filled up with easy eats.  I’m thinking of making up a few lasagnes, my world-famous Danish meatloaf (Forloren Hare).  And lots of cooked minced beef that I can pull from the freezer, pop into the crockpot and turn into bolognese (meat) sauce, chili con carne, taco filling or Beef in a Bowl (Oksekød i fad).

And if I have time at the weekend, I’m going to go through our Christmas decoration boxes.  I’m sure there are a few things that can be decluttered (and that school would be happy to receive) and I know I already have lots of red candles/Christmas serviettes in there.  (For some reason, I tend to go overboard buying those items.)  Knowledge is power.  And less money spent in the shops on stuff we already have… ;D

Check back next week for another round-up.  In the meantime, have a marvelous Monday and check out the Flylady’s website for more Christmas planning! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Christmas Planning 2011 – 7 weeks to go!”

  1. Diane, you've got it together! I was organized at work and got everything ready there, but here at home I haven't even thought of Christmas yet. Except for making my limoncello, of course!

  2. Ooooo, limoncello? Yum! Did you post your recipe for it? I'm making a Danish coffee orange liqueur (my sis-in-law's recipe). Cheers! 😀

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