I’m back! With my Little Red File…

Dear Friends!

The summer holidays are over, the kids are back at school, life has returned to (semi-)normal and I can – hooray – kick off my sandals, put on my lace-up shoes and get back behind my blog desk! 😀

I really hate to announce my return here and then literally dash off somewhere else but…I had a brainstorm during the summer and have decided to start a new blog!  (But hey, don’t worry, this one – my personal scrapbook – is still open for business.)

Flylady and food.  Two things that are part and parcel of me.  Both in real life and here on the blog.  (Ha! Just take a look at the number of posts I’ve written the last two years on those very subjects!)  So the new blog project just feels right.  [ Though, to be perfectly honest, right at this particular moment I’m feeling absolutely sick with a mixture of fear and excitement! ]

Come and visit!  I’m working my way through my Little Red File.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday! 😀

(PS: Jings, it feels good to be back!)

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