Honey for my little honey

[Just in case you were wondering…there was no post from me yesterday as Denmark was closed for Pinse (Whitsun)!]

Last week we took a trip to our local botanic gardens – just 2k away from us – and saw that there are now beehives down there.  Aha!  (We thought out loud.) Maybe we can buy some as ‘medicine’ for DS11?  If you haven’t already heard it on the grapevine, apparently honey (but it has to be local stuff) can help build up immunity to hayfever.  And as DS11 suffers terribly from birch and grass allergies (aww, the poor wee soul!) and is mad about honey, what on earth are we waiting for?

We could hear the bees before we could see them…bzzzzzzz!

Lo and behold – the same day – we picked up DS11’s classmate to drive to scouts and discovered that his neighbours sell honey from their bees.  He lives 200 metres away from us.  How local is that?! 😀

So we promptly bought three jars of the lovely runny stuff.  For the princely (and very competitive, at least for Denmark) sum of kr. 110 (about £13 or $22).  Let the games begin!

Forårs honning – summer honey

Right now DS11 is taking a spoonful of it each morning.  And we put a couple of spoons in our banana smoothie/milkshake today (see our recipe here).  And topped it off with a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s Phishfood.  Now…isn’t that just what the doctor ordered? ;D

Hayfever or (s)not – hope you have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂