Sweet dreams!

DD8 was looking at the Ikea family magazine and said, “Hey, Mum, that’s your bedroom!”.

And, by jingo, she was right.  Kind of.  We do indeed have the same Ikea bed.  And this week we just happen to be using the very same Ikea duvetcover…

All of our bedding comes from Ikea.  I love their bedding.  Affordable, fresh and great colours.  Here’s my other fave duvet cover (which starred in a previous post Feel Good Friday – Time for Bed).

And you did notice those rollaway shelves didn’t you?

They’re fantastic for keeping things hidden – which means that my bedroom always looks ‘peaceful’.  Which in turn makes it much more enjoyable to do my Flylady Before Bed Routine.  Which in turn makes me delighted to curl up with a good book in bed (and a stash of chocs) and get an(other) early night.

But you do have to watch those rollaway shelves like a hawk.  Otherwise they explode with magazines and books when you pull them out.  So today I’m going to set my Flylady timer for 7 minutes and have a good old fling.

Have a terrific Tuesday and sweet dreams! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sweet dreams!”

  1. Diane–this is so funny; I have the same duvet from Ikea except mine is in dark blues, & purples. Got it last year at the Ikea store in Minnesota. It's my winter duvet.

    I love the rollaway shelves behind your bed. My bedroom is too small to have an actual bed frame! Someday! I will keep that one in mind. Love it.

  2. Hey Ms Caboo! Know what's even funnier…my DS11 has the same duvet cover – in blues + purples just like your one! ;D

    Sweet dreams to you tonight! xo

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