Menu planning Thursday – 10 December 2009

Things are really starting to hot up with Christmas parties – and chill down outside with hard frost every night…brrr!

Here’s what to expect at Casa Diane this week 🙂


  • Chicken fajitas with lots of fresh veggies. DS9 is loving daikon (Japanese radish) at the moment. Fajitas were a huge hit with the kids when we had them last time, so back on the menu again 🙂


  • DH has his office Christmas party tonight, so we shall be having takeaway – yay! And maybe icecream… 😉


  • didn’t make Forloren Hare (Danish meatlof, ‘mock hare’) as planned last Wednesday, so it’s making an appearance today. The recipe is here. I have a raw one in the freezer, that I made recently. Don’t you just love forward planning? Serving with boiled potatoes, gravy (made with LOTS of cream), peas and cubed beetroot. Did someone say comfort food??


  • nice, fresh spinach salad topped with homemade croutons, goat’s cheese and roasted duck breast – yum!


  • DH is travelling so am going to cut myself a large piece of slack and take the kids out for dinner. Nothing fancy. If they get their way, it’ll be MacDos! 😉


  • time to let the crockpot work its magic…chili con carne (I have a bag of cooked mince in the freezer, all ready to go) and will serve with fluffy white basmati from the ricecooker. Normally always do brown rice, but as the kids don’t really appreciate chili, I might have to meet them halfway…


  • another Danish classic stand-by – biksemad – which to you would be a kind of hash: fried cubed potatoes, beef, onions, topped with a fried egg, served with ketchup or brown HP sauce and cubed beetroot.

Bon appétit! 🙂