Positive Vibes

I wasn’t planning to do a blogpost today but I woke up with a case of the blahs. There’s no getting around it – the kids have been back at school for over a week, summer is over and autumn is well and truly on its way. Rain, rain and more rain. Autumn is my least favourite season (yes, yes, I know Emma and Candace will disagree). For me it’s a case of just gritting my teeth and getting through it, until – hooray – the Christmas preparations can begin in earnest. In October! 🙂

So in order to keep my head up, I’ve made a list of five things which have made me happy/smile today. I’ve been thinking for a while that I ought to do this ‘positive vibes’ thing on a daily basis. Well, as the Flylady says, you’re never behind, just jump in where you are… Here are my five for today:

  • I met several SDDs at the schoolgates at 8am this morning. SDD stands for Sexy Domesticated Dad… ;D
  • All this rain and dark grey skies means that it’s perfectly acceptable to light lots of candles at 9.30 in the morning.
  • I made some mini meatballs/tomato sauce and put it in the crockpot for our dinner tonight. Smells yum. We’ll have it with tagliatelle and lashings of grated cheese. Comfort Food Rools! 🙂
  • The builders who are remodelling our bathroom told me I can use the skip outside for general rubbish. I’ve been doing a major Flylady declutter/furniture move in my office…DH took a carload to the dump on Sunday but now I can fling, fling, fling!
  • I bought a pair of black suede ankle boots on Friday. A teeny bit scared – not worn ankle boots since the 1980s – but am taking them out for a test drive right now for the school pickup 😀

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Positive Vibes”

  1. Supper sounds wonderful! My kind of comfort food. Your boots look amazing–maybe you'll be getting some looks from those dads! It's raining here, too. It's stopped me from my "gotta get done" task today so I'm regrouping.

    Have a great day Diane!

  2. Love the comment about the SDD's, LOL! You are too funny! I wish my kids were still in school 😉

    LOVE those sassy boots…you won't be sorry! Wear them w/ skinnies, tights and skirts/dresses.

    I wanted to tell you….YOU inspired this week's Style Mission! It's a scaredy cat challenge to wear something you are afraid to wear. Perhaps your fashion forward new boots fill the bill!

    Thank you for your inspiration & happy you are back w/ your cute blog!

  3. Wonderful to be back and so many lovely comments – I'm spoiled, as always!!

    Leslie – I'm honoured that I've inspired your Missus Smarty Pants Scaredy Cat Challenge! xo

    My Scaredy Cat Challenges will always be here on the blog – because there are *always* things I want to try… 🙂 This week I will make sure to try out my boots with black tights and a pencil skirt – eek! LOL

  4. So glad you are back- you were missed!

    Excellent news about the skip, i would definately make the most of that too…ooh, is it bad that i think that sounds like fun?

    Those boots are totally gorgeous, you will look fab in them.

    Hope you are having a lovely day today!


  5. Hi L! I hope I shall soon have an opportunity to show you said boots in person! ;D xoxo

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