Feel Good Friday – Fødselsdag! :)

What better reason to feel good on Feel Good Friday than a fødselsdag (birthday)? Especially when it’s your own! 😉

I’m forty-three today and never felt better. Never had it better. I mean – really – just like it says at the top of my blog – life in Denmark, rock music, good food and the Flylady – what more could a girl want? 🙂 Thirteen girlfriends helped me start off the celebrations in style on Monday night (we started at 7pm and called it a day at 1.30am…) and I’m going out to lunch with the family tomorrow (DH has been away on business since Sunday, poor thing, and won’t get home til midnight tonight).

But as I love the idea of making everyday things special, I prepared a little basket to take to the schoolgates this morning (you can just catch a glimpse of the basket on the doorstep in the first picture). So a couple of schoolmums and I enjoyed raaaaspberries, shortbread and a teeny glass of bubbly on a bench in the playground while waiting for the kids to finish school at 10.30am. School is now out for summer, yay!

Have a fantastic Feel Good Friday! And many, many thanks for all the good wishes! 🙂

PS: This is my last ‘Feel Good Friday’ blogpost

for the time being as the blog

will be closed for the month of July.

7 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday – Fødselsdag! :)”

  1. Hi JoAnna! It's also the birthday of a friend's mum – popular day! LOL

  2. Diane, have a wonderful birthday! It sounds like you're well on your way to a fabulous day. Enjoy your vacation in France; I'm looking forward to seeing the return of your blog. Take care! And enjoy Garden Spells!

  3. Diane,

    It looks like you celebrated your birthday in style! I LOVE that! Best wishes for a fabulous year to come.

    BTW, my mom's b-day was also on Friday…you and I continue to have lots in common, LOL!

  4. Ms Caboo: I'm really enjoying Garden Spells – now I need to pack it away in my suitcase so I don't finish it before we get to France! LOL

    Helen: thank you! xo

    Jen: Had a great day, hope you enjoyed yours and that fantastic cake! ;D

    Leslie: thank you! 🙂 Thanks to you, I've been wearing a denim pencil skirt this week (had only thought to use it in the winter before) and bought a tankini for the first time (so comfy and flattering!). Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

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