Scaredy Cat Challenge – Ready for Flylady's visit!

Have you taken a look at all the great Scaredy Cat Challenges my twisters (Twitter sisters) are doing?

Lesley, Lee, Candace, Asfora and Emma have already taken the plunge! There’s certainly girl power in numbers and I love that, even though they’re spread around the globe, they’re working right alongside of me 🙂

I’m now virtually ‘company ready’ for the Flylady‘s virtual visit. I’ve been out in the garden every day this week – go me! Monday I did lawnmothering – a dinky term I’ve coined. Remember that song….’twisters are mowing it for themselves’? 😉

I’ve been out doing virtual weeding with Asfora (who lives in Germany) at 8.30am, right after the schoolrun! Here’s the before photo…

Half an hour later, the grass has disappeared from the path and you can now actually see that there the first of the rhododendrons are in bloom…

I’ve done lots of weeding this week. I also dug out the trimmer on Friday (a once a month job) and managed 15 minutes worth before the rain started. Was annoyed – mainly because I could see how good the garden was beginning to look! But when we got home after school it was dry again so I went right out and finished the job. Imagine that – at 5pm – when I’m normally in the kitchen prepping dinner or making packed lunches. But dinner (lasagne – see this week’s menuplan here) was in the crockpot so there was nothing holding me back! 😉

This time I managed to finish the job. Trimmed the edges all around the garden fence, the borders of the lawn, around the playhouse and big trees and, finally, underneath the main deck.

So what’s the moral of this tale? That if I do just 15 minutes a day in the garden (plus 45 minutes lawnmothering once a week) the garden can actually look this good all the time… Go figure! 😉

Do you want the twisters to hold your hand too? Join up for our Scaredy Cat Challenge with the MckLinky below!

Have a super (Mothering) Sunday! 🙂

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  1. 15 mins a day of gardening, yes i will re-commit to this with you. I can do it after breakfast in the morning, whilst i am outside feeding my furbabies. Will that count towards my 15mins of loving movement that i am so bad at remembering to include?


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