Scaredy Cat Challenge – Running (Wo)man

Ready for some more picture fun? Okay then. What’s the difference between this photo…

…and this one?

Give in? Answer: Half an hour and 5 kilometres! 😉

I had a fan-flippin-tastic week of running thanks to a series of changes of plan. We ended up running 5k on Monday and another 5k on Tuesday! The sun shone down from a clear Copenhagen sky and we even felt warmth on our faces 🙂 Thursday we were out running again. And – stone the crows – it’s now getting so mild that I even left my beanie hat at home. But we ‘only’ did our ‘old-faithful’ route through the park of 3k 😉

So I’m feeling confident now that, if I keep up the good work, a 10k race this year will not only be feasible but maybe even enjoyable..?

Well folks, it seems like my Scaredy Cat Challenge to run the extra mile is well underway. What’s the next challenge? Hmmm, now that the snow has finally taken a hike, it’s time to get back on my bike! 🙂 I attempted that challenge back in February (one of the earlier posts about it is here) without success and think it’s time for a rematch.

So this week I’m going to attempt to cycle to the next village. Wish me luck!

Good luck with your own challenge… Have your own blog and want to join in? Sign up with the McKlinky below…

Hope you have a simply super Sunday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat Challenge – Running (Wo)man”

  1. That's fantastic Diane! Keep up the great work. It snowed yesterday, the first day of Spring! I have to think of a great scaredy cat challenge for myself.

  2. Aww, thanks, girls! Lovely to have my own personal cheerleaders… 😀

    Ms.Caboo – just let us know when you're ready, we're here to hold your hand!

    Go team! *o/*

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