Scaredy Cat Challenge – 14 March 2010 (On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!)

You’ve heard that expression, “The best laid plans…”? Well, that’s what happened to last week’s running challenge to increase my running speed and distance. My plans didn’t only “go awry”. Or “gang agley” as it was originally written by Robert Burns, our Scottish national poet, in the poem “To a Mouse“. My plans came to a complete STOP.

DD7 down at the beach last spring

I came down with a pesky cold last weekend and haven’t run since…boo hoo! I have been doing a quick strength train every day (just to keep myself “in the game”) but it’s been weird not getting my gear on and meeting up with the running chicks… But it’s Sunday night and a new week beckons. I’ve already looked out my running togs and have suggested a new route to the girls. It’s really beginning to feel like spring outside (even though we don’t put our clocks forward until later this month) so I thought it would be nice to run down to the beach. Here’s another pic of DD7 – or at least her long legs and her Flylady stainless steel water bottle – down at the same beach last summer, when the temperatures were slightly higher πŸ˜‰

So I’m signing off now. I want to get an early night and get a good start tomorrow. If you’d like to join me in a Scaredy Cat Challenge, sign up below. A problem shared is a problem halved…and isn’t it even more fun celebrating victories with friends?

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat Challenge – 14 March 2010 (On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!)”

  1. Our lives seem to have many parallels, Diane! This last week I caught a nasty cold too and struggled with my weekly exercise routine. I still did it, but it was hard since I'm stuffy all day and have not been sleeping well at night.

    Today, I'm feeling much better and ready to take on next week. My "scaredy cat challenge" for myself now is to get serious with weightlifting.

    My regular weekly workout routine includes 3 hours of Nautilus equipment or exercise class then 3 hours of spin class for some serious cardio burn. I've become addicted to spin class and I'm not giving it up…however I want to ADD to it.

    My challenge is to learn free weights and the machines the "big boys" use. So far, I know how to use a couple of them…ready or not here comes Monday morning! Go me!

  2. Gosh, Leslie, 'go you' with your workouts!

    I stopped my gym membership when I started with Jonathan (NEWO) but I remember seeing those 'Big Boy Weights'…scary stuff indeed!

    Good luck with your challenge. We can do this! πŸ˜€

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