Five go to the cinema!

Don’t know quite how I ended up with ‘fives’ of things I like on Fridays. Could be something to do with the Enid Blyton books? Not the infamous “Famous Five”, didn’t like those kids. I preferred the Enid Blyton series “The Five Finder-Outers” who were more sleuthlike. But, as usual, I digress!

I’m all excited about the #FlyBabyMovieParty tomorrow – see my previous post for details on how to join in! 🙂 My twisters (twitter sisters) and I will be watching Mamma Mia ‘together’ around the globe. I’ve good food planned, and DD7 and I will be dressing up…

Surprisingly enough, I also have a real life (not this blog/twitter/facebook one) and have some real live girlfriends. Whom I also drag along to the various soirées I organise. I’m thinking a trip to the cinema is just what we need to start off the social year. Because it’s still too cold, icy and snowy to go gadding about in town in our high hair and high heels 😉

So here are the five films I’ve come up with. A random bunch.

  • Sherlock Holmes   (though I’m not sure I’ll ever see Robert Downey Jr in the same light after watching “Tropic Thunder”…)
  • Avatar   (but I’ll probably see this with DS10)
  • It’s Complicated/Det’indviklet   (a ‘girly’ film and I love Alec Baldwin in the series 30Rock)
  • Whatever Works/Mig og Melody   (Woody Allen is always worth watching)
  • ……euh, I couldn’t find anything else that tickled my fancy, suggestions gratefully received!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Five go to the cinema!”

  1. I have my copy of Mama Mia ready & waiting! I've not seen it before so what food do you suggest?

  2. Hi C! In the film they drink a few cocktails – my kids have already come up with a few ideas for that. We're also going to be eating a retro pud while watching the film – trifle – it's Saturday's blogpost 🙂

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