Café Copenhagen

Monday is the day I do my 15 minute pamper show Café Copenhagen on BlogTalkRadio.  Until last week that is, when our main computer crashed (after 10 months, don’t know the reason, is there ever a reason with computers??!), synchronised with the death of an old laptop. At the moment we’re using a borrowed laptop, so the show is on hold until we get Skype etc up and running again. Or maybe I’ll work out how to do a cinchcast and do it that way? 😉

Anyways…I’m still going strong on the Flylady habit from December – pampering! 🙂

And my latest favourite? When I was in Sweden before Christmas I picked up some small cheap ‘spa’ bath lights. They constantly change colour and can float or stick to the bottom of the bath. The kids LOVED them on sight and immediately wanted to have a bath… 😉 I’ve now stuck them to the shower wall and switch them on in the morning when I’m in there – DH thinks I’m daft but I don’t care 😉 It gives me an internal smile at 6.30 am.

So, remembering to keep pampering. It’s a New Year, we’ve all got plans to do great things but we still need to keep those batteries charged, right?

Happy 1st Monday of the year! 🙂