A table fit for a King (or Queen)

I was in town yesterday with my ‘mum’ running friends or “running chicks” as we like to call ourselves. Can you believe we’ve been running together since the start of this year? Neither can we! 😉 So we celebrated with a girly lunch at Café Dan Turelland a look around the shops.

I sometimes forgot how ‘quaint’ Copenhagen is… When I was paying for something in a shop we heard music blaring out on the pedestrian street. It was the Queen’s Royal Guard parading their way through the town – from Rosenborg Castle and down to Amalienborg Palace – for the changing of the guard. Happens every day 🙂

My friend V picked up a bag of her favourite tea (green tea with ginger and lemon) from Denmark’s finest – and Europe’s oldest – teashop, Perchs:

Our next stop was the Christmas tables at Royal Copenhagen, the porcelain makers. Every year they ask several famous Danes (this year it’s ballet dancers and actors) to decorate a Christmas dining table with the royal porcelain. Going to see the Christmas tables is a favourite tradition of old ladies around these parts. So we got ready to fight with the old dears for a prime view and dived in:

Yep, this ‘table’ is is a four-poster bed…

It’s worth having a look at Royal Copenhagen’s website, because there are much better photos there. But don’t even think about buying any of this stuff. A soup tureen will set you back about 50,000 Danish kroner (10,000 dollars).

After we looked at the Christmas tables we had coffee and cake in The Royal Café on the ground floor of the shop. (Unlike the shop, the coffee doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and the cake is served on royal porcelain.) This is the place where Oprah sat when she was filming “Oprah on Location in Denmark: the Happiest People in the World”.  You can tell Oprah it’s all true…we were three very happy Danish “running chicks” yesterday.

Happy Friday – enjoy the weekend! 🙂