Copenhagen Kitchen – week 11

So here we are again, another Monday, another day of the kitchen remodel. But it’s all good – just need the electricians to come and finish off a couple of jobs tomorrow and Wednesday and then we’re done! 🙂

All in all, I can’t believe how stress-free the whole remodel thing has been. Unless you start counting the number of gin bottles I have put in the recycling bag… (Not kidding.) But truth to tell, we have not only survived this remodel, we have flown through it. Yep, it’s all thanks to the Flylady. The (ongoing) decluttering process. Morning routine. Before bed routine. Menu planning. Pampering. WHB. And, especially for me, my timer and those magic 15 minutes.

Seriously, if you haven’t already checked out the Flylady, please go and do it now. It’s free. And it all starts with…a shiny sink 🙂