Christmas Planning – 15 November 2009

Oh my word, where does the time go?? Already halfway through November which means that Christmas is just over 5 weeks away…eek! But also hooray! When I sit down and think about it, I’m actually doing really well with the preparations. Famous last words? 😉

  • personalized Christmas cards have finally been ordered

  • most of the Christmas presents have been bought
  • aforementioned presents have been wrapped and tagged 🙂
  • have started extra pantry of food for Christmas dinner and extra goodies
  • wine is ordered, just need to collect
  • been to huge toy shop with the kids and they have made a small list each
  • bought a couple of presents for myself from the family ;D
  • made hair appointment for myself
  • started making cookie doughs for freezer
  • Christmas cake is baked and being fed every Monday during WHB

I’m loving the Flylady ‘Holiday Cruising Missions’. And they’re also giving me a kick in the backside and making me see the clutter with fresh eyes. Zero tolerance from now to Christmas! 😉

Krista, Candace and Pippa have more ideas on their blogs, so go check them out and get into the Christmas spirit, it’s not too late! 🙂